History Of C. B. Powell Ltd


A History of CB Powell Ltd

CB Powell ltd was founded in 1946 by Charles Bernard Powell.

The Powells had been 'bombed' out of Coventry during the war, and moved around the country, In Liverpool my grandfather was the chief draught's man for the tooling of the Napier engine that powered the original typhoon plane.

Ending up on the south coast, he worked for CVA in Hollingbury Brighton.

After the war my grandfather gathered together some of the best jig & fixture designers under one roof. They worked for the likes of Vauxhall, Ford, Jaguar, Mirlees blackstone, Eaton Transmission and Rolls Royce.

By the early sixties the big companies had assembled their own design teams. Realising this the tool room was opened to add manufacturing to the design office.

Design and manufacture under one roof. The Basex tooling systems was launched, this comprised of a range of horizontal and vertical indexing units, airlift tables trunnion units handles & drill stops.

As CNC machines became cheaper these units are rarely needed. The company had to rely on making other company's tools fixtures and components.

This is where we are at today, using a good mixture of old and new techniques with modern CNC/manual machines we help other local engineers put there ideas into reality.

Control Panel.

This was a large control panel designed and built in Hove in the late 60's.Probably at CB's hight employing up to 40 people!

Crank shaft fixture

This was a Crank shaft fixture designed and built in Hove in the late 60's.for Rolls Royce aero.

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